About Us

USM TECH Ltd is an innovative firm, which offers the best innovative solutions for liquid treatment.

Our products are the result of our long-standing scientific research on thestructure of liquids, the physics of interaction of their molecules andthe physical and mechanicaleffectson them. We have investigated and analyzed world famous scientists’ research on the effects on liquids. We have researched and analyzed mechanical and frequency effects in low frequency range, ultrasound, magnetic field and cavitation. Every one of these 4 physical factors have its own particular effecton the physical characteristics and structure of liquids. Based on this scientific research, we have developed GE USM devices which in absolutely synergy manage to combine the 4 listed effects on liquids and in this way liquids gain their optimal characteristics. Combining the best in the world, we have created the perfect product in this area, which is significantly applicable in the household, industry and agricultural sector. Further details about the application of GE USM devices can be seen in ”PRODUCTS” section.

Firm History

USM TECH Ltd was createdby Nikolay Arnaudski Dipl. Eng., a physicistwho graduated one of the most elite Russian universities – St. Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University. The firm was foundedespecially for the implementation of the liquid treatment GE USM devices, and it is part of the MANTECHSHIP consortium, along with DOMY and GENERAL ENERGY Ltd.